Neighbourhood Development Plan

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Neighbourhood Development Plan

Crowle Parish Council has committed to the development and adoption of a Neighbourhood Development Plan (the Plan) covering Crowle, Crowle Green and Sale Green.

Community engagement has identified long held views that new development is eroding valued aspects of living within the Parish. The character of our rural settlement is being lost to what feels like a constant pressure from new housing development.

The Plan is being developed on behalf of Crowle Parish Council by members of the Council, together with a group of Parish residents who volunteered to participate in the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.

The Plan will help guide development in our Parish in the coming years, dealing with housing, protecting the environment, and supporting the local economy. This will ensure that the delightful and unique attributes of the Parish will be handed on to and enjoyed by future generations.

As a statutory planning document, the Plan will give us a greater say in key decisions about development in the area.  Wychavon District Council will consider the Plan’s policies alongside those in the South Worcestershire Development Plan when deciding whether to grant planning permission for new developments in the Parish.

A parish council is a local authority that makes decisions on behalf of the people in the parish. It is the level of government closest to the community, with specific powers and duties. As the authority closest to the community, we are invariably the first port of call for local concerns, issues and ideas.


The vision of this Neighbourhood Plan is:

  1. Crowle Parish continuing to be a desirable place to live with a strong sense of community
  2. The Parish remaining an attractive and peaceful rural settlement set in beautiful countryside
  3. New developments retaining a good mix of housing and community uses
  4. The landscape setting of the Neighbourhood Area preserved and protected as well as the views into, out of and within the village
  5. Development underpinned by essential improvements in basic infrastructure services including drainage and sewerage
  6. The natural environment and community services valued and sustained.

This vision sets a strategic context for the Crowle Neighbourhood Development Plan


Our Neighbourhood Plan will:

  • Give us a greater share of funding from the Community Infrastructure Levy (25% with a Neighbourhood Plan vs 15% without), which can be used to fund the provision, improvement, replacement or maintenance of community facilities in the Parish.
  • Enable you to help preserve Crowle Parish as a pleasant place in which to live and work
  • Shape, direct and deliver sustainable development for the future of Crowle Parish
  • Give us an opportunity to protect our green spaces

Set out policies on (for example):

  • Design standards for new housing
  • Flooding and foul water drainage mitigation
  • Pedestrian access to amenities
  • Valued landscapes, vistas and skylines
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Local parking standards and traffic management
  • Sustaining Local Amenities
  • Safe walking and cycling
  • Add local detail to the South Worcestershire Development Plan (SWDP), ensuring that our needs are considered in planning decisions
  • Alert developers to community requirements at an early stage, assisting negotiations
  • Help the Parish Council prioritise its future spending on facilities and services to reflect what the community really wants
  • Enable us to be directly involved in the planning of new housing when the SWDP is next reviewed, by working together with Wychavon on site selection

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